Mahdia Work Programme

Dunraven is planning for an exciting drilling programme in 2020 to prove up the substantial prospective resources in the north west of the permit. Our key objectives are to:

  • Drill EMD-2 well targeting EMD-East with Ketatna formation as primary objective
  • Log the target section to define reservoir parameters
  • Confirm oil-down-to (ODT) depth
  • Conduct flow test(s)
  • Drill to potential additional reservoirs at Abiod and Serdj levels


  • Location close to leading-edge fault to encounter Ketatna at similar depth to EMD-1
  • Seismic at location on structure displays similar character to EMD-1 and is anticipated to provide a good understanding of formation thicknesses/lithologies in anticipated oil-bearing zone
  • Logs should fully evaluate reservoir and include borehole images for fracture assessment
  • Subject to results to base of Ketatna reservoir, well may be deepened to evaluate Abiod and Serdj levels
  • Well should yield opportunity to test the encountered reservoir(s) and establish fluid properties and flow rates for future planning